Stepping Out


What was I saying last page about building action and character through static, non-moving images? As soon as you’re given cate blanchett with possibility (since we’re really only limited to the venn diagram intersection of Lucas’ imagination with my own) you’d better make sure you don’t waste choices and page space on pointless things… Like climbing cabinets to retrieve a glowing chekov’s siphon

Perhaps not as pointless as one may think. We’re going to be spending a lot of time with Jea over the coming weeks, months, years, and there’s a few things that the audience should learn about her early on. Hopefully these pages are starting to fill in just what kind of young woman we’re going to be dealing with as we progress. Actions still speak louder than words on these pages, and everything that’s being learned about Jea in the here and now is going to come into play very soon.

Conceiving a story across 36(?)ish pages with a reasonable beginning/middle/end is hard enough to do if you know how to do it. Doing the same thing on a page by page basis is potentially maddening. I mean, we do it for you, the readers. If it was up to Lucas & I we’d just Season 5 of ‘LOST’ this bitch, skip past all the mysteries and epic setup and be like “yeah, that wraps that up”. But we care about you! We know you’re here for some legendary webcomic action, and dammit even if we have to paint a curious green glow around anything and everything to keep you interested, we will. 

See how we’ve managed to keep you inside, boxed in, fixed within a “Plato’s Allegorical Cave” as it were (am I reaching? Almost certainly) of a single room and a single character for four whole pages? You haven’t even wondered the tiniest bit about just what’s beyond the hanging frond curtain, I know. You’re so wrapped up in how thoughtful this young lady is not to wear her sandals on the furniture when she goes climbing.

Things are about to get bigger and brighter readers. This Human adventure is truly just beginning…

* * *

Lucas —

Much like John Hammond in Jurassic Park, we’ve spared no expense in creating a unique and immersive experience for you, dear reader. Even if that means labouring for countless hours over the most minute worldbuilding details, slowly spiraling into madness as I ask myself such pressing questions as: What even is a door? What does a door mean?

Seriously, though, these are the design rabbitholes I love falling down. So enjoy some drawings of doors:

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