A journey to the edge of the world ... and beyond.

Jea wiles her days away in her grandmother’s workshop, listening to the elderly matriarch Oba‘s tall tales and prognostications.

But when disaster threatens to tear her family apart, Jea realizes that all her grandmother’s kooky stories may have actually been preparing her for something important all along: the end of the world.

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11 Apr: 000-Chapter 1

The Journey Begins


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The Team

Lucas Green

Co-Creator / Illustrator

Lucas is an award-winning illustrator and animator based in Vancouver, BC. He creates fantastical worlds for film and TV, including work on SyFy’s Vagrant Queen  and Astrid and Lilly Save the World. Lucas also illustrated the award-winning graphic novel King Warrior. When he isn’t tied down to a drawing desk, Lucas can be found wandering the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest with his adventure dog, Kuiper.

Steve Moody

Co-Creator / Writer

Steve writes comics, screenplays and novels from a tiny apartment in Vancouver’s gastown, a space so cramped it feels smaller on the inside. He toils so his 18 year old blind housecat may live in relative luxury. He (Steve, not the cat) can beat most challengers at any level of Star Trek trivia. Steve thinks everyone should listen to more A Flock of Seagulls. He also wants to know if anyone would read a comic about a hard boiled by-the-books cop paired with a loose cannon new partner; a tough drinking, womanising, swarm of bees in a jar. He knows he would.

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