The Village

Steve —

Sometimes you should let the pictures do as they’re supposed to: speak louder than words. There’s no need today for a deep editorial on the content. Lucas and I have been anxiously waiting to drop this spread since we first started knocking the idea of The Constant Star around. I can tell you this work of art has turned out better than I could’ve ever hoped for. Without Lucas and his incredible vision this story doesn’t exist. Any chance we can give him to truly stretch his (art) wings and soar, we will take. Enjoy!

* * *

Lucas —

This is it:  the big reveal of Jea’s village, and mayyyyybbbeeeee one of the biggest illustrations I’ve ever done? This page is my mission statement for The Constant Star. It is a sneak peek at some of the magic we have planned for the future.

As with most of the comic, this spread is best enjoyed on a big screen (not your phone — It’s probably not great for your data plan anyways, TBH). 

This is only the beginning! I’m excited for all of the adventures we’re going to have together.

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