Lucas —

Continuity! The Orrery is a pretty important location in The Constant Star, a location filled with meaning to the characters — and for the reader: important clues to future story points!  So it was important for me while illustrating the pages that I treated it like a real place. I treated it just like a movie set, blocking out my scenes with a big 3d model of Oba’s workshop, making sure I always knew where the camera was, and the characters; where the light was coming from; how we travel up into the ‘attic’ lookout in the previous pages — I knew I couldn’t expect the reader to know what was going on if I didn’t! There’s a fancy French word for it that I don’t think I’ve ever used correctly: mise-en-scène. 

The video below takes us on a quick tour around the Orrery, highlighting some featured panels from over the last few pages:

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