Catch of the Day

Lucas —

When you live in the sky, being a fisherman is a pretty complicated undertaking. On her search for her grandmother Oba, Jea ventures into what I’ve been secretly calling the Fish Factory, a name which in hindsight sounds like a pirate-themed Cheesecake Factory spinoff. But Steve calls it the Windnets which, to be honest, is a much better name. I guess that’s why he’s the writer and I just draw pretty pictures.

I wanted to share some concept art for the Windnets — which I have hammered down to a completely, obsessively unnecessary level of detail — but I was running a bit behind today. Next week, though!

This week’s page also lowkey introduces my favourite recurring character in this story … and no, it’s not Kal or Zak, the obligatory town bullies.

Can you guess who?

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