The Kut

If I asked you to draw ‘silence’, what would you draw?

What do you think stillness looks like?

I’ve been waiting for this page to drop so that we can all see what Lucas makes emptiness feel like. We’re moving from the dense hustle & bustle of the Village (note to self: Hustle & Bustle is a great name for a character duo) out into unknown, dangerous territory. We wanted to leave all the activity behind to traverse a new kind of place.

I’m kinda on the liminal spaces bandwagon, but I don’t pretend that anything here is akin to the backrooms. Instead I’m loving the grandeur of openness and limitless borders captured herein. So much of TCS is about the unbelievable feel of the world we’ve created. Between Lucas & I we’ve engineered a place that we both feel compelled to explore and illuminate for everyone. Jea’s descent here is the beginning of that-sized-world.

I still remember the rare peace of fresh snowfall at night. Everything is covered, no one is moving. People say they can hear their own blood in their veins but I never have. Rather I’ve listened deeply to the silence. I remember hearing it have its own still life, as if static had fallen from a screen to rest in dust. That was what I wanted to feel in this moment, with these pages. I am not disappointed at all. 

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